Sunday, November 26, 2006

Can You?

AbhisheK: " no you cannot do this."

Altering Abhishek: "no, I can"

AbhisheK: " What makes you think you can solve everyones problem??, You think you are some genuis or what?"

Altering Abhishek: " no genius, I think in some cases I can..."

AbhisheK:"well ur testing ur limits with can see she does not want to help herself and is runinig away.."

Altering Abhishek: (Smiling!!): " you see, and wait and see.. I have faith in her..."

Abhishe: "HAHA"

Altering Abhishek: " Get lost with your haha.. I know her... she will will come out triumphant..

Abhishek:" lets see"

Altering Abhishek: :" Yeah ;eats see.. there are four days..

I am sure

Damn sure

Abhishek: "lets See"

Altering Abhishek: "YEa.. lets"