Saturday, August 05, 2006


Blank is what I drew for s long time before starting to write this. There so much that I wanted to blog about, specially on my Change Blog.
There is so much happening.
Not just around but inside and outside too.
It is like a strange trance.
Its like your high!
So high that you can feel you mind missing events.
But there, yes there is where you feel it!
You can feel
You can feel so many more things!
You are aware in you unconscious trance
You are so aware that your are thinking. Thinking so many things
You Mind is acting fast.
Fast and Slow.
Both at the same time

It is like you sitting besides this calm lake with you Ipod pumping in high volume ROCK in your nerves.
Like a storm waxing and waning in your head.
To strike
Or not

What to do
Where to go
The echo becoming louder!
Like nails staring to fall on a metal sheet
And increasing

I am SO  L – O –   S. – T

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


"Write your sorrows on a piece of paper so that the winds of change will blow them away; carve your joy on stone so that no one can erase it." Anonymous