Sunday, February 04, 2007

Soul Fry @ Bandra(Da-meet)

Reached early coz puneet's friends mom expired and he vroomed to navy nagar, and our our other get-to plopped!

I was in a good mood, had just downloaded Rahul Sharma's Maya and some Chris De Burg,So Thought I would walk around and see how was Pali hill to walk around.

Being relatively nu to this part of city, where I can last just to Mr.AM Naiks house, it was an interesting walk.( The Parlours and glitzy shops hemmed in betweent the shanties, the houses and the hills)

It reminded me of my walk at the Mall Road in Simla and Verna in Goa!!

Ok so finally winding with the road and the pali market reached the place, and had the Chirpy

Mel(O'Dee)'s "Hello Blogger"!( The Red "Bebe" topped did greet non bloggers, read waiters etc a disputable 5 times throughout, though!!)
But she did, whatever she was doing, very well!
Yes, You could not have miss her out ( good host!!)

I slipped into my smile and absorb Mode!

Some very interesting people~~,likes of Sanket( I was really zapped, to see his pic today on his blog, ~ he sure is missing his mom!!), Anupam!

Then arrived (so called Her Highness) Sakshijee~!
The ardent Sallu baba/ Rakhi Fan came in with need of a saridon!!

Among others Bloggers arrived the (pink) Non blogger and Amit.
Though a large part of the the evening Our Dear Rakhi Sawant Fan could not miss an opportunity to pull the"Non Blogger" ( who I think does blog!!~~ dunno just think)...But Neha did not mind all the attention!!

The likes of Vijay ( who , as someone says..".came last time silently and came up with a huge post!!")

and then the Looney Ramya drops in !!(interesting peronality, you talk to her and she is not what she looks like thoug)

Also the Lawyers came in ~~

Now the lisst and pics and come in only after our Mel( mata!!) blogs and passes all the links!!
It was an inetersting evening,which ended before the 12 for me, coz I needed to go back..

Well some very inetesrting people know and maybe meet up again~