Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tag ( picked and filled..anyone interested..?)

My Accent: Punjabi
Booze: Whiskie!!, Tequila
Chore I Hate: Writing on paper
Dog or Cat: None ( ok Cat is better)
Essential Electronics: VIAO
Perfume: None
Gold or Silver: None  (silver if pushed to choose)
Home: Chandigarh
Insomnia: nop
Job Title: Business Development
Living Arrangements: Roomies
Most Admirable Traits: Sense of humour
Number of Sexual Partners: aha!! ( currently no-one)
Number of times in hospital:2-3
Quote: "nowhere to now here..Now here to Nowhere"
Religion: Hindu
Siblings: one
Time I Wake Up: Heaven @ Seven ( can bet anything thing from 4-10 AM)
Unusual Talent or Skill:Can serve (badminton) well Looking Anywhere!
Vegetable I Love: broccoli
Worst Habit: Too Logicall
X-Rays, Last time: Fractured Bones
Yummy Food I Make:Lots ( From Pizza to Paneer veggies et al)
Zodiac Sign: Aries


starry nights said...

Learnt a lot about you from one post. I wish I had your worst habit..Too logical. I think I am not.not too logical or analytical

AlterinG Abhishek said...

oh u did!!
oh no!!

well its a sad habit beiiev me!!
it troubles too much!!