Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dedicated to brothers in general,
and my Brother(s) to be specific...

A small note
A little reminder.
We may not talk often enough
Or meet for years.
But, a special day,
Recognizes a special bond.
Unique… to every 2 who share it.

A simple thread
Few simple words,
Pulls the feeling across.
For some, a day of no special significance
& yet
for others,
a reassurance
& a flashback
of memories,
times spent together.

Days go by,
Pass into years,
Relationships… get entangled,
Complex and diverse.
Yet every year,
Year after year
The feeling grows stronger,
The care resurfaces,
The bond…
Extends further.

Sending your way
Hugs and best wishes,
Love through a simple thread
& a relationship of care.
Raksha Bandhan.


AlterinG Abhishek said...


Nautilus said...

Very nice! But sometimes you grow up and grow apart...the ties of Raksha Bandhan is not strong enough to keep you together...

richunderconstruction said...

@ nautilus
point noted,
point well understood...