Saturday, January 21, 2006

Confessions of the Dance floor

Time goes by so Slowly
Time goes by so Slowly
Time goes by so Slowly
Time goes by so Slowly
... goes the latest Number from Madonna
When you have a moment of calmness and lookback in your life, you can actually see the zillion of events big and small that all combine and make up your existance.

But I am a firm believer of the Energy concept
It may be percieved as the Karma Theory .. of whatever

Not just what you do, even what you think, feel , desire.. goes out to the universe.. which is a big mass of energies.
What goes around comes around

Be positive to the max!
Do good to the MAX
and desire very very carefully..

Dont just get taken away in a split second moment and send out a deep, strong desire in the universe for something that you dont really want to..

It will come, later or much later

1 comment:

richunderconstruction said...

y is it... that wen u want, mayb need a desire fulfilled, it takes longer... stretches on, burning inside u, oh! its an insatiable thirst :)