Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Make a moment

Pick one of the many moments that make up this day, and set it aside for something truly special. Take that one moment, and make it the best you can imagine.
In your one special moment today, let go of every last bit of anger, fear, resentment and sorrow. Fill your moment with hope, love, beauty and joy.
Spend that moment appreciating how truly precious life is. Experience, for a moment, complete, profound and unrestrained joy.
Understand, in that moment, that all you could ever need or want is already available to you. Resolve, in that moment, to fulfill the highest and best of your possibilities.
In one special moment, live a life that is exactly the way you know it should be. For one special moment, be fully and without reservation the person you truly are.
Make yourself a moment filled to the brim with the best of life. And you'll soon find yourself making many more.
~ Ralph Marston ~
"We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within."
~ Earl Nightingale ~


Aditi said...

profound yet is one moment enough?

richunderconstruction said...

true true... i believ one moment of complete joy or ecstasy, truely lived can sustain u thru a day of depressions, anythin' frm a phone call to a memory or simply a smile or a realisation, anythin' that makes u truly feel frm within..