Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Is it better to go through life without taking any risks avoiding major mistakes?
Or is it better to stumble through life making painful mistakes and learning from them?
Does the first mean you never really lived at all?
Does the second mean you lived a little too much?


Mon said...

I love to take risk. Even when I am driving... according to me its no fun if thr is no pain (once in a while).

And whatever u do in life, its never too much!
"One life", "One day at a time", “Live each day like thr is no tomorrow (though dnt be foolish)” -- is what I believe in.

richunderconstruction said...

nope, i believ in livin' as it comes n how u face it... nthngs a risk, n everythin'gs a risk... nicludin' life.

AlterinG Abhishek said...

Monz in a "love" mood today!!

XS of everythingz not good!

If you see a "fall", you should not always JUMP to see .. maybe I dun get hurt
Though I agree once in a while its worth the thrill!

Aditi said...

I agree with mon and richa.. you have to live life in such a way i guess that you never have regrets and can always look yourself in the eye at the end of the day. Playing it safe all the time is boring.

Ethan said...

Well i have had my fair share of risks in life and my experience tells me , dont risk something you cannnot afford to loose.

I feel a calculated risk is the best way to be.
If you want a thrill, take a bunjee jump ..if you want more, try it without the bunjee...

Aditi said...

Well that is very wisely said ethan, I guess i wasnt thinking along those lines. I was not thinking about loosing something because you took an unnecessary chance, more like not gaining something because you didnt take a chance.
Now i have new things to think about.. hmm

jugni said...

aditi u know initially in life when we have not seen anything probably its then that u are scared of taking risks but once u have had an experience, i think u get addicted to it.u love to take them not worrying about any concequences, coz u know u passed once i mean u didnt die so next time around also u wont die.
well my mom says im mad for lately i have been doin quite a risky stuff, but i say i dont fear anything mom.