Wednesday, March 01, 2006


As a patient onlooker
one silently observes
the converstaion
between two people...
the gradual drift of one
from active reaction
to passive monologue
A mental shift
into another frame
another thought
till each reaches
the satisfaction
one of speech
the other of thought
and both... of feelings.

In shy eye contact
or uneasy exchange
Some innocent questions
the silent ocnversation filler
maybe time, wind or weather...
or - unknown and irrelevant streets...?

And sometimes...
suddenly mid conversation
in a second of distraction
The starin of thought lost
when mentally
another one holds preference
next moment
forgotten in reflection...
What confused bewilderment!



Aditi said...

Conversations are where things are said and even where things are left unsaid. Anything communicated is a conversation.

AlterinG Abhishek said...

Amazing Rich!!

SO much more you have said/ said the unsaid..

sm ppl say that words spoil communication,
but at time they open so many unspoken dialogues..

richunderconstruction said...

agree wit both aditi n abhi...
sumtimes, silences r the conversations, sumtimes, merely converstaion fillers..
either way, converstions , reflect everythin'.. said/unsaid.

thnx brother :))

singlewheatfemale said...

hey man. see, this is what I call a good blog... small uncluttered sentences, yet conveying the intended meaning.
cheers, dude. keep on moving. :)

richunderconstruction said...

thnx, singlewheatfemale... :)

Ethan said...

Nice blog rich, i think converstion between 2 people is the best when even the silence is comforting.

The awkward silence is something we all dread and experience , you wrote it beautifully.

richunderconstruction said...

thnx ethan :)

jugni said...

conversations, hope there were none for some simply choke u and are hurting wounds of life.
an ace write up.gud goin