Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Though this should come on my Change Blog

But this is about Jugs (Also Jugni)
Now this Sweet dear Lady, who has just finished her exams..wants to move..
- Away from this blog?
- Or something!

She claims ( Gyani Jugni batati hai)
" jugni is a girl who never stays at one place"
Also defined as an 'adventurous young girl

She will no longer be blogging here!
Fare well! Jugnu!!

This... I believe is what the Smorgasbord of life is ...

There is ONE vote though from my side that she should stay with us..
anyone else who wants to petetion.. is welcome...


Ethan said...

Though i am not much of a contributer to this blog i enjoy reading her posts. I am with u abhi. I think she should stay..

Aditi said...

Well though i think she seems to be leaving blogspot.. i petition for her to stay around.. on her own blog and this one as well..

Mon said...

:) I will support jugs baby to move on... she is a wise girl and i'm sure she is doing what she think is good for her.

CHANGE! if she wants one, lets just give her... you never knw when she plans to look for change again and get bak in here ;)

jugni said...

hi friends thanks so much of making me feel important.
a friend of mie sent me this song it hink its just apt for this time .
its a song from hazaroon kwaishein asi, bawra mann.hope u like the song.

baanwra mann dekhne chal ek sapna sun in the earth ... sun flower bird in the air.. rain eye within eye day break streets we have never walked on windows we have never opened... hands we have never held dreams we shal never neevr see again lives we have never lived hopes we have never realised fires we have never lit loves we shall never never make again sun in the earth ... sun flower bird in the air.. rain eye within eye day break hear those strange wispers again.

AlterinG Abhishek said...

Sweet !
@Ethan: YEs... so true
@Aditi:Why is she doing this but!!?I know you cannot answer

@MON:: Thus spake(Spoke) the MON(K)
Though you seem to have a contrary view, i suppose, it must come from somewhere..

I suppose, this is what everyone in life desires.. a free hand.. in checking out that their own decisions are right

May the force be with ou says the JEDI in star wars

@ Jugni: Should write us a original Jugni..as a parting gift!!
Hmmm.. what say??

jugni said...

well jugni is writing original jugni. its funny and probably a very weird poem in my mother tounge i:e punjabi.plz friends dont laugh. thats a parting gift.

jugni peh gayi khedaan wich, kadi si kedeh na si usneh eh khed, oh haari ish wich.
(jugni entered some games, she had not played them before, she lost)

pher jugni neh kanih haath laeh, apneh rabba nu balaya, kehndi oh usnu mainu kado khedaan wichon, kadi na langaan gi ish park wichon.
(jugni made up her mind not to play these games in future, she called her god, asked him to pull her out of the game, she said she wich never cross this park again)

hun chalih oh apneh desh, vaapis apneh vesh- kehndi jugni.
(jugni is goin back to her own place,back in her original attire- jugni says.....)