Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Monkey business

I heard this from some-one.. I believe this experiment was conducted
There are a set of Monkeys in a closed room
This room has only One exit.... which is a window
But there is a rule.. IF any monkey trying to escape from this window... all the MONKEYS are Splashed with COLD water with high force...
Initially, after a few monkeys try this...they all get any one who is about to try, is not allowed to by the rest of the monkeys , who have learned!Now, One monkey is taken out and a new one is put.
This new monkey does not know about the rules, before he can try to run out of the window, he is beaten up!
H does not know why but learns this.
Now one by one, each of the Old monkeys are replaced by the new monkeys, none of whom know the rules, none of whom have been thrown water upon,
BUT have learned that anyone moves towards the window is to be beaten up.
Non of them know why!!!
DO we know any of our behaviors which we don't really know.. but have been doing coz it is done!


Aditi said...

We confirm to a lot of society's norms some that make sense and some that dont. We live within the confounds and fear of "society" and what people would say. Isnt that what conditioned learning is about?

singlewheatfemale said...

ya so true, where do you think the superstitions have arised from. Pure bull crap, I say
But good, that you brought the topic up :)

richunderconstruction said...

such a lot behavioural patterns, cant figure out... is that hw they possibly arose..? very interestin'..

Ethan said...

Nice analogy to life. I agree will all three. We end up following something that;s been ingrained in each one of us. So much so , the society even has a special name for someone who decides to do slighlty different..


tabs said...

this is interesting

fntsy said...

its both bad as well as gud ways .. and we all DO it :)
well .. getting used to blogging.. is it the same phenomenon ? :D

Viewer said...

I guess this applies to most of customs n traditions we follow. We might not know why exactly we follow some customs we just do it casue our forfathers and their fathers did it.. U hve gota point!